Potters Training International

Of course this project has a shining example within the British Adopt a Potter Project.

It takes years to train a studio potter. Unfortunately, many art colleges are finding it difficult to offer throwing in any meaningful way, so it is more important than ever for a student wishing to make functional and studio pots to have the opportunity of an apprenticeship with an experienced professional potter.

This quotation is from the Adopt a Potter Website. We think the mentioned problem is a global one, Adopt a Potter is limited to the UK. So we would like to expand that idea. The very first step is to create a website, where studios that are interested in adopting potters could have a page to communicate that offer. Then it would be in the responsibility of the adopted potter and the studio to negotiate the details. This website should be built by interested potters, we understandĀ ourselvesĀ as initiators, not as service provider. This will be possible by the usage of the content management system CMSMS which makes it possible to present your studio here in a simple and efficient way without any html-knowledge. You can learn how that works at our Manual Page. If you are interested please ask for a username and password at our contact page.

A next step could be to fundraise money, that could be used i.e. for stipends or additional projects. For that we would like to work together internationally with interested potters all over the world. With the organisation of the 1st European Woodfire Conference we learned how easy it became to communicate and collaborate internationally without even leaving the house. So if you are interested in joining us, please go to the contact page and send an email or just call!