If you would like to work with us together on this project and on this website just ask at our contact page for a username and password. After you received that, go to

You should see this:


Type in username and password, click "submit" and you are here:


This is the so called "Backend". Here you can change the content of web pages and upload/change images. The so called "frontend" would be what a visiter of the web page sees. So the frontend is at and the backend at It is recommended to have the frontend open in another browser window while you are working at the backend to see the changes. At "My Preferences" you can change your pass word as well as your user name and backend-language.

Go to Content>Pages


This gives you an overview about the existing pages. If you would like to work on a page and not show it to visitors, you might klick on the tick in the "Active" raw so that it changes to a red cross. If you like to insert a new page, click on "Add New Content". If you like to work on an existing page, click on the title. If you have done so, you should see something like this:

edit page

Type in a title and a menu text  if you created a new page. At this website we write all the menus with capital letters, it would be nice if you could do the same. Choose a "parent" page to set a place for your page within the site hierarchy. This will create the menus and links accordingly. Then you see a kind of toolbar like within a word processor. You can type and copy text within the two boxes. The first is for the sidebar above the "news", if you leave it blank it will not be shown. To apply a format like a headline to text choose that text and then choose something from the "Format" drop down menu. If you like to have the text body back, just choose "Format".

To insert a picture click on the button with the tree.

 insert image

You see this box:

insert image

With you it will be empty. To change this, click on the file-manager symbol at the end of the "image URL". Now you should see this


image upload

Here you can choose an existing picture or upload a new one. If you have big pictures at your hard drive, you can resize them before you upload them. This helps with the rare web space and the upload will be qicker. To use this functionality, tick the checkbox. I use mostly pictures 350px wide. Delete the 600 px for the hight to keep the proportions. Klick upload and wait a while. A message saying that the upload was successfully should appear. Scroll down and choose that image. The box should change accordingly. Type in something for description and title. The title will be shown, if a visiter lets the mouse a bit longer over the picture. Click onappearance. I usually set it like this:

image appearance

When you're ready, click "Submit" and watch the front end page in your web browser (you have to reload the page to see the changes).

If you are interested in addidtional iformations about CMSMS,

would be a good starting point.

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