Chester Nealie

CHESTER NEALIE AT HIS WORKSHOP...began potting in 1964 after instruction in New Zealand from Shoji Hamada, Takeichi Kawai and Michael Cardew. He has lectured, built kilns and conducted many firings in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, USA, Korea and Norway. Although the pots have a basic classical form, their individuality is present in the freedom and joy in hand-making combined with the magical spontaneity of flame. He lives now  at Goanna Ridge near Gulgong, NSW, Australia.

Aside conducting a pre-conference workshop at Alt Gaarz he takes part in the panel "Reversing the Trend". He talks with PowerPoint slides about possibilities to help young woodfirers travel and work with established woodfirers in order to gain first hand knowledge of the skills and strategies of being a woodfire potter.

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