Professor Marc Lancet and artists Robyn Breckle and Lisa Jetonne pause during kiln construction of the Rocinante Sidecar Kiln at Solano Community College, Fairfield, CaliforniaTo illistrate an idea central to his presentation, that Woodfire teaches an art student that art is worth working hard for.Lancet offered the following quote:

•“To have a firm persuasion, to set out boldly in our work, is to make a pilgrimage of our labors, to understand that the consummation of work lies not only in what we have done, but who we have become while accomplishing the task.”

David Whyte, “Crossing the Unknown

J.D. Jorgenson reinforced this idea by stating that Woodfire teaches a healthy work ethic.

The topic of the woodfire community was raised in many panels. Lancet suggested that woodfiring teaches community and small group skills vital to the success of the aspiring artist. He offered this quote:

•“But Community, growing community, is the being no longer side by side but with one another of a multitude of persons. And this multitude through it also moves towards one goal, yet experiences everywhere a turning to, a dynamic facing of the other, a flowing from I to Thou. …community  (based) on its increase and confirmation in life lived towards one another.
•—Martin Buber, “Between Men and Men”
Finally, Professor Lancet asserted that our work kiln side and in our studios has beneficent effects world wide. He offered this quote to support this idea:
•A person becomes a flowering orchard. The person that does good work is indeed this orchard bearing good fruit..... Whatever humanity does with its deeds in the right or the left hand permeates the universe.  -Hildegard of Bingen-