2nd Woodfire Conference

The 2nd European Woodfire Conference (28th - 31st August 2014)


Skælskør HarbourIt will be organised by The International Ceramic Research Center - Guldagergaard, and will be held in the small coastal town of Skælskør. The director of the center, Mette Marcher, is responsible for the administration of the conference, and Priscilla Mouritzen is the program co-ordinator, aided by a national and international team of advisors.

Exhibitions of woodfired work will be at various venues around the town.

Some of the areas the conference aims to cover are:
Younger Woodfirers - giving them the chance to present themselves: their work, their kilns, their future plans

Sustainability and the Woodkiln: myths debunked and information shared.

"Blurring the Edges" Print on Clay in the wood kiln with Ane-Katrine von Bülow.

Pioneers of woodfiring in Europe - lectures planned on Patrick Sargent, Jacquline Lerat, Sys Thomsen

The World-Wide Woodfiring scene.

Lecturers include Euan Craig (Japan/Australia) and Anne Mette Hjortshøj (DK)

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